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More people are living alone now than at any point in human history, yet reported happiness has not increased. Co-living offers an antidote to this, as residents share communal spaces and are given the freedom to interact with their neighbours and create their own community.

The Rome Collective Living Challenge is tasking participants with designing a concept for affordable housing in Rome that fits the ideals of a co-living lifestyle. This competition is a chance for architecture enthusiasts to conceive an entirely new way of living, one that experiments with the concept of low-income housing as a collective.

Participants can select any appropriate theoretical site in Rome, keeping in mind that this is not a simple matter of rolling out hundreds of new tiny apartments in Rome’s already unaffordable city centre, but rather a chance to re-imagine a way to house its residents and build more communities within the hustle and bustle of Italy’s capital.

The Rome Collective Living Challenge is open now until April 19, 2019, with winners of the US $6,000 prize to be announced on July 4, 2019.

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